Do not lose your time in the locker by figuring out the teams

If you are tired of getting the roster together 5 minutes before the match, here is the good news for you.
Coach Rufus PRO will establish the order at once. Have a look at how easy it is to prepare the roster before each match.

power rooster

Derby reflecting your current condition

Do you like thrilling matches with plenty of turns and balance performance? Just click on the roster based on the current condition. The Application will divide you into teams equally strong based on the goals scored and assistances. But don´t get fooled by the numbers. Team spirit and right teamwork matter the most.


Create teams using random choice

Do you want to try new combinations of players in teams and you don´t want to keep thinking about that? Click on the roster based on random choice. Coach Rufus will automatically prepare two teams with the same number of players. If you are not satisfied in the way it was done, click on the automatic roster one again or create it manually.

print rooster

Roster for each bench

Paper roster is the must of every manager. When you are happy with the roster preparation in the Application, just print it. You just need a pen to record the goals and assistances. If you are used go to the gym with your phone, you can record all the match statistics directly to your Application.

live tracking

Live matches for your fans

Is the decisive match of the season or a derby with the age-old rival ahead of you? Coach Rufus PRO was created for the crucial matches. Share your emotions. Turn on the live results for the match so each goal or assistance gets to your fans on the social networks.