Each match in the very most detail

Any amateur can see who is the best scorer. Only an eye of an experienced observer can appreciate the game authors and game lovers.
Coach Rufus PRO will show you a performance of each player. Have a look at the types of statistics you can find in the well-arranged graphs and tables.


A detailed look at your team

Your team can rely on the most accurate data. The reviews will show you every goal and assistance you recorder throughout the whole season. Look at the Canadian scoring, plus and minus points, or the team mean of the goals scored. You will immediately see the best and the most useful players. You will now choose your basic line-up so easily.

Sport Graphs
Overal Perfomance Statistics

Individualities under scrutiny

A complex overview of your personal performance in time. Compare with your team mates in the Canadian scoring, in plus points or present condition. You can also compare your own performances in time. An individual overview shows if you are getting to your sports Olympus during the season or if it´s just bad.

Evaluate your season as a Professional

Coach Rufus PRO will exactly evaluate your team performance in the current season and will compare it the previous and future seasons so you can exactly find out what was behind your success or failure. You will know even before the new season recruitment if you need new goal-scorers or stronger defence.

Sport Stats

Unique sports indicator

What is the best indicator to tell you about the player´s skills? Number of the goals scored? Plus points or assistance? Well, actually your own. Coach Rufus Score (CRS) is the first sports matrix which adapts to your needs. State your indicators and their importance. Leave everything else to our application.