Show off your results in the team sport

The runners add statutes on the social networks always when they run in the morning. The cyclists post each trip on their walls. Even the only trip they did in the previous months was the five minutes trip to work. Coach Rufus brings for the first time the possibility to show off sports performance of the people doing collective sports.


Bring back Facebook to the collective sports

Sports applications for the individuals are leading in all the equipment and systems. These days are simply dedicated to the individuals and statuses about the five-kilometre run in half an hour are much more spread than ever before. Now is the time to show, that also you, the team players, are doing sports.

Sport Graphs

Show the individualists the way you do the sports

Coach Rufus PRO will praise you after each successful match. It will show your fans on Facebook all the goals and goal assistance records during the previous match. The overall score will show how your performance influenced happening on the pitch.