We started our journey at the stadium.

After finishing our university studies we were dragged into the swirl of our everyday duties. We had never expected that our attendance at our ice-hockey and football matches would become more and more rare. Our lives were influenced by our work and the free-time gradually vanished. Our get-togethers and ball kicking were pushed lower and lower on our ladder of priorities.

It´s been already ten years and we still do sports and we manage to meet. Since the very beginning we have been motivated by the natural essence of sporting – the competiveness. We keep noting down the statistics and teasing each other so the emotions of the friendly match last much longer after the final whistle provoking us to the other match.

CoachRufus was formed as the result of junction of our passion for the collective sports and the passion to build something new – a platform, which helps people to enjoy the sports in their everyday busy lives even they have no time to manage the team. They will be able to organize and meet themselves in an easy way, to keep on improving thanks to the data from their match statistics and share their success with the whole world.

The web designers, IT developers, marketers but mainly the sports enthusiasts joined together to give birth to something exceptional.

martin konarsky

Martin Konarsky

Co-founder, CEO and Product Manager has invented the CRS, responsible for Operations

tomas nagy

Tomas Nagy

Co-founder of Coach Rufus and several other start-ups, Professional web apps Designer, Founder of a successful Digital Studio

marek hubacek

Marek Hubacek

Co-founder, Professional backend programmer, Developers Team leader

ondrej supa

Ondrej Supa

Marketing and Sales Expert, Co-founder of own start-up

martin petro

Martin Petro

Professional sport Journalist, Copywriter

frantisek hliva

Frantisek Hliva

Backend developer

maros panik

Maros Panik

Copywritter and Digital Media Specialist

peter varga

Peter Varga

Graphic designer