Easily throughout the whole season

Are you aiming to reach good result in the league? The team organization is the core.
Coach Rufus PRO will make easy the trainings and matches notification, clubbing together for the hall rent or just the simple: “Hey, guys, who took the ball the last time?”

organizovanie turnajov

Even 100 players means no problem

Coach Rufus PRO enables you to have team as big as FC Barcelona. If you manage three teams of different performance levels having the players go here and there, you will surely appreciate this limit. If you are experiencing problems with the attendance and you would like to add new playmakers, simply start with the recruitment.


Unlimited number of team managers

Cross your heart, only one quality manger is enough. If your team changes frequently its members, you will surely appreciate the unlimited team administrators. The first one can add new players, the second one can set the notifications before the match or trainings and the third one can send bulk messages.

statistiky turnajov

Unlimited number of seasons

Have you been going to the same hall with the same players for several years? Coach Rufus PRO will save all the precious moments in the way of numbers. You can remember all the big derbies, massive victories or hard loss.  And you can start the new season automatically without the need to change a single setting of the application.

generator turnajov

Automatic calendar synchronization

It is very easy to forget the match. You just need a little bit of stress and rush and even the most dutiful person becomes an irresponsible slob. For this reason you have every single match or training synchronized directly into your calendar. Just open the application in your phone and you instantly know where and when you play.